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Safety System – Materials Used

The material in Safety Systems jumps consists of HD polyethylene, which is UV-resistant and works equally well in cold winter climates as in warmer temperatures. The material is also completely maintenance-free and resistant to weather allowing it to be kept outdoors unprotected. The plastic is 100% recycleable!

All feet on the supports are made of hot galvanized steel – which gives them a very long life.

Safety System – Combination Options

Safety System gives you that use of the almost limitless combination options – allowing you to build many different jump combinations in a cost effective manner.

Safety System Show Jumps Ltd are a reliable supplier with over 40 years equestrian experience who can be trusted for all your show jump needs. We support all Pony and Riding Clubs by offering them special discounts.

We believe in giving you the best value and the example sets within this brochure have been priced accordingly.

Whether you want a handy set of jumps for home or you require a full set of our new integrated keyhole system jumps for show use, we are here to give you excellent advice and service at an affordable price.

Safety System Show Jumps were first manufactured in 1989 and the system has been developed over the years into a modern and winning concept built to last.

Our goal to produce a safe jumping system has brought a number of improvements over conventional jumps.

Safety System Unique Cup

One of the cornerstones of Safety Systems jumps is the unique cup, which not only makes the equestrian sport safer, but also facilitates the management and relocation of jump heights.

Safety System – for Professionals and Amateurs

Safety System is suitable for both professional and amateurs. Safety System is equally suited to training for competition. The jumps can be combined in many different colours making it even better.

Safety System – 3-Year Material Warranty

Safety System provides a 3-year warranty on all included in the system plastic parts.

Safety System – Maintenance Free

As our jumps are made of plastic you avoid the hassle of maintenance and thus have more time for training. All

our products can withstand water and can be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Safety System – Manageable

The thoughtful design and high quality materials ensures that our jumps are very low weight. This not only saves your effort but also encourages you to experiment and try different combinations. Despite its low overall weight Safety Systems stand is steadier than conventional supports. 80% of the jumps weight is concentrated on the foot.

We are confident you will enjoy our products! We invite you to browse our range, write a list of the items you would like to order then give us a call for more information and free advice.
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